February 2018 ยท 1 minute read

Hi, I am Christoph, the Lead Data Scientist in the BI Competence Center at the Austrian Postal Service. I am responsible for designing the data science architecture, building the data science team and for coding up predictive models. Prior to joining the Austrian Post, I worked as a financial consultant at KPMG.

I have a Master degree in Quantitative Finance and a Bachelor degree in Business. So I am neither scared by stuff like: $$\max \left(\frac{1}{2}\sigma^2 V”(x)+\mu V’(x)-rV(x), 1-V’(x) \right) = 0$$ nor by acronyms such as GDPR, IFRS and EBITDA:)

My interests include traveling (I did a 9-month-trip-around-the-world), climbing and playing board games. Recently I started teaching myself the piano (we will see how that goes:)

You can find me on

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